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Growing Foxes™ is a live learning platform that develops strategic intelligence.

You may have some questions. We’re foxes, we’ve anticipated that:

What is strategic intelligence?

The ability to identify, analyse and synthesise emerging future developments, and make decisions of strategic importance. This is best done through the use of scenarios.

In essence: thinking the future.

Why Foxes?

They have long been a storied reference point to describe thinkers that incorporate diverse sources of information when forming beliefs about the world, and then constantly challenge and revise those assumptions. This is an essential characteristic for building realistic scenarios about the future.

In essence: they’re cool.

What is live learning?

Live learning (#livelearning) combines strategic theory with its continual application to relevant, real-world scenarios, all updated in realtime.

In essence: how learning should be done.

And the ‘platform’ bit?

A responsive and interactive web-based platform that integrates readings, video and audio content, individual exercises, and mediated group discussion sessions with a dedicated facilitator.

In essence: a virtual classroom for foxes.

Admittedly, it’s a pretty revolutionary approach to learning. So who’s behind it?

The team behind Growing Foxes - a fluid collective of dynamism and experience - includes leading strategists and scenario planners, intelligence theorists and analysts, philosophers, journalists and writers, educators, graphic designers and animators, and software engineers. All together, they add up to a foxy bunch with decades of experience, united by a commitment to creating the next generation of foxes, and a taste for chicken.

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